Make a Baby Headband from an 8″ Swatch

When I found out about Spoonflower’s free swatch day for their new cotton spandex jersey I was pretty excited. Sure, it was only an eight inch swatch, but who doesn’t love getting free stuff? I have been lurking around their website for quite some time now, admiring the fabulous selection of prints. I love that you can pick any print for any fabric. You really just can’t find that many options anywhere else.

If you have spent much time on Spoonflower, you will know that it is easy to get lost in an ocean of choices. I’m really into the monochromatic geometric designs that are pretty big right now, so I decided to try out a pretty simple design, called “Stacked”.

spoonflower free swatch stacked

Now I have heard some mixed reviews about Spoonflower fabrics, but I have to say, I really like this one. It’s super soft and has great stretch. It also has enough weight that it wasn’t too difficult to sew.


What to make?

There’s really not too much you can make with an 8″ square of fabric, but I figure it is just enough for a baby headband, and I happen to know that I need a 15″ strip of fabric to fit my 7 month old daughter’s head.

First I trimmed off the border to about 3/8″ and cut the swatch in half. This gave me two 4×8″ strips.


Then I lay the fabric right sides together and stitch as shown.  This is a stretchy knit, so I was sure to use a stretch stitch. I used the lightning bolt stitch.


Next, unfold it and fold it back down hot-dog style, right sides together of course.  Stitch along the edge, leaving both ends open.


  1. Now you need to turn half of the tube into the inside and line up the ends. I like to use something pokey to push it through.
  2. Push it through until the ends just meet with the right sides together.
  3. Here I actually twisted it around so the outside seams are on opposite sides, so that my headband will twist like the turban style headbands. Then I stitched around this opening, leaving about an inch open.
  4. Then turn it right-side out.



You could stitch the opening up on the machine, but I don’t mind hand-stitching a small opening like this and the result is much less noticeable stitches.


Done. I’m just sad it isn’t quite big enough for me!


She can’t quite sit up reliably on her own yet, so big brother came to the rescue to hold her up so I could get a few pictures. She did not want to get put down! Pretty cute and not bad for a free swatch!

If you like this, you may also want to check out my baby bow headband tutorial that can be made with woven fabric.

What would you make with a free 8″ swatch?


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  1. Wanda says:

    To cute. Look forward to trying this for my little grand.

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