Fringed Baby Moccasins Free Pattern & Tutorial

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If you’re anything like me, there is no way you’re gonna shell out $60 for a pair of baby shoes that will last 6 months at best, not matter how stinkin’ cute they are. With this pattern, you can make your own using repurposed leather you can find at any thrift shop. I often find leather jackets that might have a few worn or damaged areas very inexpensively.

This pair of moccasins will fit babies about 6-12 months and the sole is about 4.75″ long.


You can download the free baby moccasins pattern here:


How much leather do you need? The whole pattern fits onto an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, and you need two of each pattern piece. So, you should easily be able to make these from under 2 square feet of material. If you are really careful about placing your pieces, you may even be able to fit this onto one square foot of leather. You will also need 14″ of 1/4″ elastic.
Sewing with leather can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done it before, but there a few little tricks I will share with you along the way that can make it a lot easier.

1. Cut out pattern pieces and lay out.

A.Cut out your pattern pieces. .When you see an arrow on the pattern piece, make a small mark within the seam allowance to mark center points. Cutting leather out is MUCH easier if you have a rotary cutter and cutting mat. In fact, if you are planning to make many of these little moccs, or you want to sell them, you really need a rotary cutter for accurate and clean cutting. I really like this little OLFA 45 mm. It has held up really well to a couple years abuse by me.
If using scissors, you may find it easier to first trace the pattern onto the leather before cutting out with scissors.
Make sure you have all your pattern pieces:
A. Two Toe Pieces
B. Two back fringe pieces
C. Two sole pieces
D. Two front fringe pieces
E. Two heel pieces
Also cut 2 pieces of 1/4″ elastic, 7″ long each

2. Sew the fringe pieces onto the sole and toe.


A. Lay out your back fringe piece, right side down. Place the heel piece on top, also right side down, about 3/4” down.
B. Fold the fringe piece down over the heel piece, about 3/4” to create the casing for the elastic. Clip down with paperclips to hold in place before stitching as shown. You could also use binder clips or hair clips even to hold the leather in place. You don’t want to pin it, as that will leave permanent holes.
C. Place the front fringe piece centered on top of the toe piece, both right sides up. Line them up evenly at the top. Stitch two seams as shown, leaving  about 1/2” between for elastic.
D. Here are all your pieces, ready to sew on to the sole.

Hint: Use wax paper under the leather.

Place a piece of wax paper under your leather as you sew can help the leather to move more easily as you sew. It also prevents the feed dogs from scratching your leather as it moves. It tears away easily when you are done.


3. Sew the heel onto the sole.

A. Line up the center points on the sole and heel pieces, right sides together, and pin together. Place the pin horizontally along the seam and staying within the seam allowance, so that no holes will be visible.
B. Clip the sides together with paperclips. Be sure both sides look even and adjust the heel piece as needed. Stitch around the edge, staying close (within 1/4″) to the edge of the sole piece.
C. Here is what it looks like sewn on. Keep in mind that you may need to go very slowly around the turn. Stop with your needle down, life the presser foot and adjust the pieces as often as you need to.

4. Sew the toe onto the sole.

A. Now, line up the center points on the sole and toe pieces, right sides together, and pin together, keeping the pin within the seam allowance.
B. Clip the sides together with paperclips. Try to overlap the heel piece over the ends of the toe piece evenly on either side. Back-stitch over the bulky area on each side to strengthen those seems, but don’t sew over the seams more than needed. Putting too many holes in the leather with the needle can weaken it and may cause it to rip.

5.  Trim off excess and add elastic.

A. Trim off any excess around your seem to about 1/8”

B. Now insert the elastic, you can use a paperclip or, I like using a crochet hook to pull it through. Go through the back casing, then through the front.


D. Attach either by pulling out and stitching together on the machine, or I like to use a glue gun. Overlap the elastic by about 1” before attaching


6. Cut the front fringe.

A. Exactly how you cut the fringe is up to you. Here is how I do it. First, cut down the center. Oops, that was a little off-center. Try and do better than me!


B. Then two cuts on either side. I ended up trimming a little off the right side to make it look more even.


C. Now trim the bottom. I like making an arrow, but you could also round it off.


7. Cut the back fringe.

A. Cut your back fringe to about 3/8”. You can make them narrower or wider if you want, just try and keep it even. That’s it!


Where to find leather.

This is the question I get the most, and unfortunately, I don’t have a good online source for reasonably priced leather. If you know of one, please let me know! I find all of my leather by thrift shopping for used leather jackets. I’ve been able to find some fantastic quality leather on jackets that might have had a few flaws.



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33 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    Thank you so much! I want to make some moccasins for my grandchildren. This is the best tutorial I’ve found. Much appreciated.

  2. clauda Dalton says:

    soo excited to try this. thank you for the tutorial.

  3. Gwen says:

    Great tutorial! Will be making some of these for the grands.

  4. Ariel Siedenburg says:

    Yay! So excited I found this, I can’t wait ro get some fabric and make some for my daughter.

  5. Skyler says:

    Fabulous tutorial! I just made some for my son out of felted wool and they turned out perfect. Thank you so much!

  6. Erika says:

    Hi! I love this tutorial. I can’t wait to make some for my daughter. I was wondering if you know how it would be to print the pattern larger to make them bigger so they would fit more like a size 4 or size 5? Have you made the pattern larger and tried them that way? Thank you so much!

    • Abby Beckman says:

      I do sell the pattern in more sizes in my etsy shop, here. If you try sizing it up, I would just make the pattern piece for the sole about an inch longer than your daughter’s feet.

  7. Johanna says:

    Hi! Thank you for sharing this free version of your pattern with us! I never had the courage to work with leather :/ Does this work with a “normal” sewing machine (I think I have leather needles deep down in my stach)? What about the thread? Do I need special yarn?

    • Abby Beckman says:

      Leather can be tricky! I definitely recommend playing around with scrap pieces and trying difference needles, tensions, and techniques before you try the real thing. Yes, it will work with a normal sewing machine, although I have had better luck with some, than others and I’m not always sure why. You will want to use regular all-purpose polyester thread (rather than cotton), as it has a bit more stretch and is less likely to break. Leather needles are helpful, but any larger size needle may also work. Good luck!

  8. Paige W says:

    Thank you for this!!! Mine turned out so so cute. They are too big for my 8 month old, they actually go on my 2.5 year old but I’m saving them for my baby to grow into. I want to make a million more!!! You did a great job with this pattern!


  9. Kim says:

    Can’t wait to try this pattern. But I have a question. Are the sides sewn together or just attached by the elastic? 3 new babies in the family and am dying to try this pattern. Great tutorial and pictures.

  10. Jasmine says:

    Hi I bought this pattern through your etsy but would love to know how to add the bow. Possibility you can show hat so I don’t have to purchase a whole new listing. Lol because I’m sure it’s only one piece that’s different (fringe and bow) pretty please help! Lol

  11. Bill Moretti says:

    “Leather for you” on eBay they have good prices on leather.

  12. Caro says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial Abby. I am about to become a granny for the first time and am so excited to make these. please could you tell me how to dowsize the patter for a newborn
    Thank you so much oncxe agai. I am delighted with this pattern ad will send a pc assoon as they are done x

  13. Hani says:


    I hope you’re doing well when you receive this email. I am writing to you to appreciate your amazing talent and brilliant idea. You have been featured at craftionary for the adorable baby shoes you’ve made. 🙂

    Here’s the link:

    Happy crafting.

    Hani Shabbir

  14. Zulma Zambrano says:

    Thank you so much for your pattern! I made one pair for my baby girl, I tried first on felt because she has tiny feet, and after a few adaptations the came up beautiful! I wish I could show you them. Thank you thank you thank you!

  15. Tricia says:

    “theleatherguy” on etsy is where I get small project pieces of leather. He sells them for as little as $1.50 for a 4x6inch piece. I make ballet shoes with the $4.50 6X10 pieces and they’re wonderful! Tons of colors to choose from as well as some other leather working tools/notions. Shipping was great and quick. I made 1 pair for $4.50 and I had scrap to add flowers! Can’t beat a $4.50 pair of shoes!

  16. Andreina Farias says:

    Me encantó este tutorial, esta muy bien explicado. Muchas gracias por compartir!

  17. Erika says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been wanting to make one for my baby girl. I was also of thinking of making one for my niece’s upcoming birthday. Would suede work as well? Thanks!


  18. Meridith says:

    Peggysuealso leather on Etsy! Fast shipping and very reasonably priced! I was also very happy with the quality.

  19. Nikki Walls says:

    What size thickness of leather did you use? These are adorable, and I would love to make some!

  20. marcela pulido says:

    hola buenas noches… esta muy lindo todo muy bello todo lo que ud publica es de gran ayuda pero lo que quiero saber es como hago para hacer una talla mas pequeña ya que mi bebe es mas pequeña . a donde puedo encontrar esos patrones mas pequeños estos le quedan grande a mi bebita. mil gracias alicia por tu ayuda

  21. Joan Bohn says:

    Thank you so much! I made these and they turned out so cute!

  22. Nikki says:

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. My four month old daughters feet are still too tiny for store bought shoes. I went to my local Michaels craft store and got a sheet of super soft leather for $9 and was able to make the cutest tiniest pair of moccs and a headband with the scraps. The tutorial was so easy to follow. I just printed the pattern at 80% to make it a smaller size and it worked great.

  23. Trisha says:

    If I want to make a larger size, do I increase everything???
    Please let me know asap,,,I have everything waiting.

  24. melanie says:

    thank you so much for this, i sized down for 3 month granddaughter , i hand sewed using double needle method, with bonded nylon thread, and they turned out brilliant, thank you for the pattern
    its a shame i cant add a photo

  25. Lauren says:

    Hi there Abby! I just recently got into leather crafting and stumbled upon this awesome tutorial. I would love to make these for my twin nephews for Christmas. I don’t have a sewing machine and was wondering if you think it would be ok to make these sewing by hand? Thank you so much!!!

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