DIY Baby Headband Three ways


I’m not kidding when I say I really never pictured myself putting giant bows on my daughter, well, to be honest, I never even pictured myself having a daughter. This little one came as a surprise blessing! I originally made this bow to be a turban headband, which I think is really cute. But then, just for fun, I decided to tie it in a big bow. Well, it was just too cute for me to stand. Now this is my favorite way to wear this super simple baby bow, but I love that you can wear it several different ways.

To make this bow you will need some light weight woven fabric, a strip about 8-10″ wide and around 45-50″ long. See below to see how much fabric you will need.

Age                fabric dimensions

Newborn     45×8″

3-6 months    47×8.5″

6-12 month    49×9″

1-2 years      50×9.5″

3-4 years    52×10″

I’d much rather just illustrate how to make this, then explain it in detail. So here are my illustrated instructions:


There are probably even more ways to tie this bow on then I have come up with, but here are my top three ways to tie a baby bow.

First up,the turban. This was my original idea and is for sure the most hip way to tie a baby

Next, the knotted baby bow. This will look a little different depending on how much extra length you have on your bow.


Up last is the big bow. Ok, we didn’t really need a photo tutorial for this one. We are basically just tying a bow on a baby’s head, but the pictures are cute so why now? Plus, this baby can hardly not look freakin’ adorable in every single picture, while somehow, I can’t even manage to look normal for even one picture.


Which is your favorite way to tie a baby bow?




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  1. Leeann says:

    Such a sweet model you have! <3

  2. Lynn says:

    These are too stinkin’ cute as is the lil model! ?

  3. Ashley says:

    Cute cute and cute! The bow is adorable too…😁

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